How to Apply Your Design

  • - Make sure that the application area on the body is thoroughly cleaned with soap and warm water. It is essential that the skin is free of any oil, moisturiser, etc

  • - Ensure the application area is thoroughly dried

  • - Make sure the application area is flat and wrinkle free (avoid areas like elbows, knees, knuckles etc.

  • - For optimum results, we recommend getting another person to apply your tattoo.

  • - With a sharp pair of scissors cut around your design, just about 4mm from the image (Some designs will not need cutting). Make sure the clear plastic film is attached to the tattoo still.

  • - Remove the clear plastic film with clean, dry, hands

  • - Place the tattoo (print facing down) onto the chosen area. The body part must be relaxed and in a natural position, make sure the body part is not stretched.

  • - Once in position ensure the tattoo does not move or slide. Place a damp towel on top of the tattoo and apply pressure for approximately 30 seconds, ensuring the damp towel covers the whole area of the tattoo and all parts are wet.

  • - Remove the towel and slowly peel from one corner, constantly checking that the design has stuck to the skin (If you find that the tattoo is not sticking to the skin then gently place the tattoo back into place, wetting the area a little more and apply pressure for 10 seconds before peeling again.)

  • - Once peeled, use the damp towel to gently dab the tattoo to the skin making sure that it has completely stuck and there are no air bubbles.

  • - Keep the body area in position for a few more minutes until the tattoo has dried fully.


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